As a student in the Master of Science in Management and Leadership at Coker University, you’ll explore real world business issues in the following diverse course content areas.

  • Accounting
  • Ethics
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Analytics
  • Negotiations
  • Leadership
  • Business Strategy

Key classes for your success

Leadership & Team Management

This course provides students with the social science tools needed to solve organizational problems and influence the actions of individuals, groups and organizations. It prepares managers to understand how to best organize and motivate the human capital of the firm, manage social networks and alliances, and execute strategic change. This is accomplished through knowledge of competitive decision making, reward system design, team building, strategic negotiation, political dynamics, corporate culture and strategic organizational design.

Marketing Management

Marketing challenges are universal across all industries. Learn to analyze these issues and maximize marketing efforts through sound decision making, proactive planning, and strong messaging.

Global Initiatives in Management

This course is an international business course designed to provide students with an introduction to the unique business opportunities, management practices and market dynamics of a specific country or region of the world. This course is focused on gaining knowledge of how a multinational corporation competes successfully in the marketplace, with an emphasis on the MNC’s global strategy levers and organizational factors within the context of its industry globalization drivers.

Operations Management

Analyze and improve upon recurring business processes so you can leverage operations for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Lean manufacturing and other proven strategies will be explored.


This course is designed to improve students’ skills in all phases of negotiation: understanding prescriptive and descriptive negotiation theory as it applies to dyadic and multiparty negotiations, to buyer-seller transactions and the resolution of disputes, to the development of negotiation strategy and to the management of integrative and distributive aspects of the negotiation process.

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