As a student in the Masters in Athletic Administration program, you will combine your passion for sports with in-depth knowledge in three of the industry’s main focus areas.

Key classes for your success

Marketing of Intercollegiate Athletics

This course examines the principles of marketing as they apply to intercollegiate athletics. We emphasize concepts unique to the sports product, including consumer behavior and media and public relations. Promotional activities, market segmentation and legal aspects exclusive to intercollegiate athletics will be analyzed as the student develops successful marketing strategies.

Legal and Ethical Issus in Intercollegiate Athletics

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the legal and ethical issues associated with the operation of an intercollegiate athletic department. Through the analysis of cases studies and current issues, students will focus on the practical application of laws and regulations, and the implications that ethics have on decision making and management in intercollegiate athletic administration.

Fundraising in College Athletics

This course is designed to combine fundraising theory with the skills and knowledge needed to implement and develop a successful college athletic fundraising program. In addition to providing insight into assessing the fundraising environment and evaluate an organization’s capabilities, we’ll cover topics like onboard development, using research to design critical campaigns, and identifying multiple sources of funding.

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