Coker University understands that graduate students have busy schedules, packed with work and family responsibilities.

We believe higher education should fit into your life, not the other way around. We designed the entirely online Master of Science in College Athletic Administration program with this concept in mind.

If you have a passion for college athletics and are interested in launching or enhancing your career in this area, our program was designed for you. As a student, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of three main focus areas in the industry: Finance, Legal, and Communication. Upon graduation, you may be qualified to pursue a variety of positions within an athletic department, such as a director, coordinator, coach, trainer, among many others. With the insight and ability to strategically and effectively adhere to the everchanging compliance and legality issues of the collegiate athletic industry, you’ll find incredible opportunities at your fingertips.

For many, sports isn’t just a career or a hobby, it’s a passion. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a job that places you in an environment about which you care deeply? This is your chance – land your dream job.